I was blessed to be invited to share some of my testimony.

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Thank your for visiting this page. All previoius content has been removed because I have experienced an amazing shift in my life.


Yes, Jesus Christ of Nazarath, King of Kings, Lord of Lords swooped into my life, filled my heart and drew me to an absolutely new way of life.

Saved, Delivered, Baptized, Testified, Devoted, Doing the Best I can to obey, learn, listen, follow and everything else in God's plan for me.

Meanwhile, after a lifetime of occult and new age spirituality, I've been busy doing what many do when they're on a coaching journey: walking a parallel path.

One is where I use the discernment I'm gaining with eyes to see and ears to hear to clean up the life I created and lived for over five decades.

The other path I'm walking opens up my mind, world, life, reality to experience what it is to really know Christ. To understand and exult in what it truly means to have a Savior. To be loved that much is kinda mindblowing.

It's all new to me, and I couldn't be more delighted, excited and blessed!

Professionally, I'm exploring what it means and how I can use my coaching and mentoring expertise and gifts for God's glory. I've got some ideas, but it's not really up to me, is it?!

This site will likely come down because I no longer think life is about loving this life. This site will be forwarded to the site that God guides me to have.

Simone Peer, MA, CCG, PCC, PMC
Certified Professional Coach, Mentor
& Trainer

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