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Coaching the Essence: ICF Certification Mentor Coaching Group Practicum

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Coaching the Essence:

Mentor Group Coaching Practicum

BE the Change You Want
to See in the World.

-Mahatma Ghandi

Mentor Coaching:
Mentor Coaching focuses on modeling and developing the Coaching Skills, Ethics and Core Competencies required to meet the requirements and standards for certification through the ICF and any training program that upholds these standards, including preparation for certification through my alma mater and faculty appointment, Coach U/Inc.


Mentor Coaching Group -
COACHING THE ESSENCE and ICF CERTIFICATION! These two gems offer a few things that could guarantee you get to create the life, career, and dream come true for not only yourself, but countless others.

Coaching the Essence is paramount to masterful coaching and really once you "get it," you realize there is no other way to be in the coaching conversation. It is a unique combination of coaching presence and curiosity that with cultivation and practice will naturally elicit the ICF Core Competencies. The quick version: Coach the Who and the What will take care of itself. Meaning, when you coach the Who or Being, you get to the core, or the essence, of the issue/situation/person/Big picture, and the What or Doing emerges naturally, so the actions, goals, and tracking progress are streamlined because they are on target, not just band-aids or symptom control; they are clear, direct, efficient and thus more effective.

Coaching the Essence Practicums - Mentor Coaching Groups in preparation for Coach U &/or ICF Certification
By now you may know that I am all about coaching the who then the what...and that is the Essence of Coaching the Essence. Regardless of how big or how small the coaching issue is, it has an essence, a core, a pivotal, turn-key point that will put everything into motion. We are going to explore the Mastery of Finding and Coaching that Essence while Culitvating Awareness of the Compentencies and Preparing you for Certification (more importantly, Masterful Coaching--certification is just the icing on the cake!)

A practicum is the place where you get to PRACTICE what you've learned in a safe, supportive, learning environment. Use the Edge you've withheld because you're not sure how it will land. Trust your ability to Not Know and Exercise your capacity To Know. This is the place to play with finding and speaking to the essence, so step out and Be the Bold Coach you've always wanted to be.

Here's what others have to say after participating in this course:

* I am more confident and better prepared to coach...

* Simone, you modeled coaching, invited feedback, and were open to change along the way.

* [What did you like best about course/experience?] The collective wisdom and acceptance we shared, e.g., different levels of skill around the ICF compentencies & styles of coaching; learning how to give feedback; love and support; the safe space you created … and your desire for us to BE our best - in life and coaching.  Challenging us to stretch, be authentic in our coaching conversation. - Karen McMillan, ACC Professional Life Coach (Karen received her ACC a few months after participating in the course-yeah!)

Here's the Deal...

You Get:
* 6 Weeks, 90-minute Sessions, (Provides 9, of the 7 allowed group mentoring, hours    toward Mentor Coaching Requirements)
     - Week 1:
Intro Session to review Credentialling Criteria & Competencies
     - Weeks 2 - 5: Live Coaching Practicum (includes a coaching demo)
     - Week 6: Final Debrief & Eploration of You Coaching the Essence
* Small Group - limit 3 people per group
* To Coach a "real" client
* Coaching Skills & Competency Feedback & Debrief
* Call Recordings for download
* Essence Group Membership w/ Access to Credentialing Reference Library & Group
  Discussion Forum
* Coach-the-Coach Feedback
* Letter of recommendation toward certification from an ICF, PCC coach who has
  observed your coaching session (only if the session is recommendable!)
* CONFIDENCE in your ability to Coach

Optional: Written Feedback: Coaching Session Review Form
ICF Core Competencies are addressed competency by competency with specific examples referenced for identification of strengths and the result or impact of the demonstrated skill or competency and/or identification of areas for development, growth or awareness & attention, including recommendations to take the coaching to the next level (meets standards for Coach U Certifiation Application Requirement)

You Agree to:
* Participate fully - Coach, Provide feedback (written & oral - the more you can identify how coaching occurs, the better coach you become), Be Curious, Be Willing to Be Frustrated, Confused & to NOT Know, and to PLAY in the moment with what is right here, right now.
* Co-create the Learning Environment
* Be Responsible for what you want from the class
* Have calls recorded and available to others in the class and for potential certification review
* Pay to play

* $499 in full or two installments of $265 WITHOUT written feedback
* $649 in full or two installments of $340 WITH written feedback form

Session:  (Sessions Finish in time to submit Coach Inc February 2011 Certification Applications ;-)
I: Tuesdays, January 4 - February 8, 2011, 12 - 1:30 pm ET - 11a CT/ 10a MT/ 9a PT

II: Thursdays, January 6 - February 10, 2011, 7 - 8:30 pm ET - 6p CT/ 5p MT/ 4p PT

Pay in Full & Receive Pre-Pay Discount!

2- Payment Subscriptions

WITHOUT Written Feedback
WITH Written Feedback

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