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Simone Peer, MA, PCC
P.O. Box 477851
Chicago, IL 60647


Power Sessions!

Love My Life Bootcamp Series

The purpose of life is
a life of purpose.

-Robert Byrne

Synergy Women’s Fitness & A Life U Love Coaching Services



Enjoy 3 Power Sessions and Take Home the Tools You Need to Love Your Life!

The Art of New Love
We're all in some type of relationship with others--friends, family, co-workers, etc.  The ones this session will focus on are inspired by love--spouses, partners, boy/girlfriends.  So whether you're single or involved, this group is a about a conversation in Whole BEing that will help you interpret the language of Love, the nature of Masculine/Feminine Sexual Essence and the strength of Choice in attracting, developing, maintaining and evolving Intimate Relationships.  Learn to Live and Love in a whole NEW WAY!

Power Up Y-O-U!
Take a ride into the True Power of BEing You. Learn how to access and presence the full extent of your inner power. Once you bring your power to life you have access to really living in the moment, where you can find and align to what's true, what's right, what's now and utilize as a means of developing confidence while eliminating indecision, time zappers & energy drainers.

Strategize for Success
Success takes planning, and all too often with the day-to-day events that keep our lives busy, we put off the planning and hope our dreams come true. With the Strategize for Success model you have access to 5 simple steps that will ensure you’ve got what it takes to Succeed in life. This session pulls from the others and provides a tool to create a life you love, as a whole or one goal/step at a time.

Wednesdays, 6 - 8 pm

Feb 18 - The Art of New Love
Mar 18 - Power Up Your Confidence
Apr 16 - Strategize for Success

Synergy Fitness Chicago
Oak Park, IL

$40 each or $100 for the Series
Includes a chance to win a FREE Coaching Session with Simone!

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Love My Life Bootcamp Series


For more information, please email or call 773.384.5683

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