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Coaching the Essence: ICF Certification Mentor Coaching Group Practicum

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choose one, two,

There is no worse struggle
than one that never begins

-Mexican Proverb

Coaching--(The Process) for Individuals and Couples
Mentor Coaching
Mentor Coaching Groups ....
Coaching--Groups   (currently open)
All Workshops   (currently open)
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Current Speaking Engagements

is an opportunity to serve the human spirit—it is a calling. As a coach, I am the messenger of your potential and a companion on your journey to discover your magnficence and express your profound potential.

The process:
starts when you accept that you are ready and willing to change in big ways. We begin with a first call that sets the stage for where you want to start. You set the agenda, I listen for the truth in what you say and don't say. You gain clarity, as I reflect back what you say and pose questions to move from the superficial to the substantial. We propose options and actions that you accept, reject, or modify in order to meet your needs, your capacity to act, and your truth.

We set up weekly appointments on a month-to-month basis and hold all sessions over the phone. Interim support is available through email, instant messaging, and check-in phone calls. I expect that you respect me and our professional relationship by calling me on time from a place that will be free of interruptions, coming prepared to grow, allowing me to coach, and adhering to all logistical agreements we make. Chicagoans, I also meet in-person; please inquire for convenient locations.

Individual and couples coaching sessions are 45 minutes long. The initial session may last longer. This is where we really start to establish what you want from the coaching partnership and begin building a comfortable rapport and trust, which is the foundation of a successful coaching relationship.

I also offer Monthly Packages for Just-in-Time Coaching. Pay for a set amount of time in advance and call anytime during the month when you want coaching for a specific situation. You get what you need when you need it (for example pay for one hour and call 3 times for 20 minutes each or 4 times for 15 minutes each--without the hassle of scheduling).

My coaching style is "gentle-edgy." I have well-grounded spiritual beliefs and bring this aspect to our relationship. I do not preach, nor attempt to convert anyone to my particular slant or relationship with Spirit. I have studied and been influenced by many people and belief systems. Some of my favorites include: Baba Ishangi, don Miguel Ruiz, Center for Creative Living, Suze Orman, Thomas Leonard, and Zoran Todorovich. (all of these links will open in a new window)

How much? Coaching is a form of investment. It requires the expenditure of time, effort and money. In return, you accomplish goals we set, improve your bottom-line way of living and develop a life that you love. The cost is up to you. For current rates, please call: 773.384.LOVE (5683).

The commitment you are making is to yourself through me. Therefore, the length of the coaching relationship depends upon how willing you are to DO and BE what it takes to Create A Life U Love. Many clients get exactly what they need within 3 - 6 months and others enjoy having a long-term Creative Partner to Expand and Explore the Possibilities they have unleashed with their new found energy and inspiration-driven operating system.

To set up an appointment for a complimentary orientation, to get more information, or to start your coaching journey, call 773.384.LOVE(5683) or email.

Mentor Coaching:
Mentor Coaching focuses on modeling and developing the Coaching Skills, Ethics and Core Competencies required to meet the requirements and standards for certification through the ICF and any training program that upholds these standards, including preparation for certification through my alma mater and faculty appointment, Coach U/Inc.

Mentor Coaching (1-2-1) is offered at a reduced rate for six months determined by the number of sessions and length of each session; this relationship includes email contact between sessions, brief phone-call check-ins (as needed), observation of your coaching sessions, and a verification letter detailing our mentoring relationship.

Mentor Coaching Groups
COACHING THE ESSENCE and ICF CERTIFICATION! These two gems offer a few things that could guarantee you get to create the life, career, and dream come true for not only yourself, but countless others.

Coaching the Essence is paramount to masterful coaching and really once you "get it," you realize there is no other way to be in the coaching conversation. It is a unique combination of coaching presence and curiosity that with cultivation and practice will naturally elicit the ICF Core Competencies. The quick version: Coach the Who and the What will take care of itself. Meaning, when you coach the Who or Being, you get to the core, or the essence, of the issue/situation/person/Big picture, and the What or Doing emerges naturally, so the actions, goals, and tracking progress are streamlined because they are on target, not just band-aids or symptom control; they are clear, direct, efficient and thus more effective.

Coaching the Essence Practicums - Mentor Coaching Groups in preparation for Coach U &/or ICF Certification
By now you know that I am all about coaching the who then the what...and that is the Essence of Coaching the Essence. Regardless of how big or how small the coaching issue is, it has an essence, a core, a pivotal, turn-key point that will put everything into motion. We are going to explore the Mastery of Finding and Coaching that Essence while Culitvating Awareness of the Compentencies and Preparing you for Certification (more importantly, Masterful Coaching--certification is just the icing on the cake!)

A practicum is the place where you get to PRACTICE what you've learned in a safe, supportive, learning environment. Use the Edge you've withheld because you're not sure how it will land. Trust your ability to Not Know and Exercise your capacity To Know. This is the place to play with finding and speaking to the essence, so step out and Be the Bold Coach you've always wanted to be.



Group Coaching:
Group Coaching focuses on a specific theme or objective that is the common factor among the members and inspires change by providing a safe forum to share and grow, and also in which individual needs can be met.

The following groups are TBA to find out more or to register, call: 773.384.LOVE(5683) or email

The Art of Love
all in
some type of relationship with others--friends, family, co-workers, etc. The ones this group will focus on are inspired by love--spouses, partners, boy/girlfriends. So whether you're single or involved, this class will help you interpret the language of Love, the nature of Masculine/Feminine Sexual Essence and the strength of Choice in attracting, developing, maintaining and evolving Intimate Relationships. Love is an Art; take charge in how it colors your life.

Get Relationship Ready
When Mr or Ms Right come walking into your life, BE READY to let them in. Cultivate the skills and tools it takes to become Relationship Ready--attract your ideal partner and build a lasting relationship. This group is for busy people who lack the time, skills and opportunities it takes to really let love in.

Evolving Intimacy
your relationship has lost its luster, this group is what you need to help it shine again. Re-invogorate your relationship by expressing your true nature and learning to trust the true nature of your partner. Cultivate the skills and tools it takes to Evolve Intimacy--remember why you chose this partner, communicate who you are now and strengthen capacity for this long-lasting relationship. This group is for spouses and partners who feel stuck or tired in their relationship and know they can be and have more.

Reveal A Life U Love
Do you daydream of the life you wish you had, yet find yourself doing the same old thing? If change is calling your name, take a life-coaching approach to reveal your pillars of balance, get real with the steps that will take you there, build a support network and Love Your Life.

These workshops are offered at various times and locations in the Chicagoland area and also are available for booking at your company, group, or organization.

Reveal A Life U Love
This seminar presents the countdown to freedom, aka A Life U Love! Uncover your four pillars of life balance, get real with the steps that will take you there, build a support network for your journey and get ready to Love Your Life. The focus for this session is the following "countdown formula":

4 Pillars (Health, Wealth, Creative Self-Expression, Love)
3 Steps (Evoke Desire + Change Beliefs + Take Action)
2 People (Coach & Client)
1 Result (Experience Freedom => A Life U Love)

Let Your Vision Be Your Guide: Set the Course for A Life U Love
Set a plan to live a life that you love. Participants will be able to bring home ideas and tools to identify passion, understand mission and purpose, picture a Life Vision, and strategically plan around personal values.

What Is A Life U Love Coaching and How Does It Work?
Take this free class to determine how personal and business coaching works, what to look for, and the questions to ask. Life Coach Simone Peer will instruct participants on how to approach a coaching relationship, what to expect, how to determine results, and, most importantly, how to get started.

Time Management for the Busy
Re-orient your relationship with time, increase productivity, and decrease stress.

Life Miracles: Creating Happiness & Success Using Your Spirituality
Learn how to create happiness and success in your life. In this class, participants will learn how to re-orient their lives towards personal freedom by committing to excellence, mastering strengths, and trusting in the Self. Walk away with the necessary tools and ideas to embark on the journey towards freedom and joy.

Dress Up & Show Up: Modern Etiquette for Success
Spirit flows to you, through you, and as you; let it shine with ease. Look and live the part of success and grace in social and professional situations. Learn the must-have skills of dressing for success, dining etiquette, making introductions and small talk, gender roles and generation protocol, and many other tips for building confidence in your ability to represent yourself with grace and ease.


These teleclasses are offered at various times throughout the year and convenient to a variety of time zones.

Biz Builder
5-Day Teleclass, 40 minutes each class
Build your business in just 5 days. Put your plan into action and
get ready to reap the rewards. The breakthrough teleclass will help you to
  , Put Your Vision into Action
  , Build Your Client Base
  , Increase Your Revenue
  , Create Buzz about You

Let Your Vision Be Your Guide: Set the Course for a Life You Love

For details, call 773.384.LOVE (5683), email or submit request.

Coach U's Personal Foundation Coaching Program
Twelve-weeks, plus workbook

"A skyscraper doesn't start at street level. In fact, the taller the building, the deeper the foundation. This holds true for people, too."

40-Day Prosperity Program: Attracting Abundance through Spirit
Seven-weeks, plus daily email support
It takes 40 days for consciousness to realize a truth. Align your mind and spirit to realize abundant prosperity in your life.

Speaking Engagements:
Book Simone
for one of these topics:

Let Your Vision Be Your Guide: Set the Course for A Life U Love
What Motivates You to Move
Relationships: How to Make Them Work

Reveal A Life U Love
The Art of Love



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