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Coaching the Essence: ICF Certification Mentor Coaching Group Practicum

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Things People Say:
client testimonials

If it looks good, you'll see it;
if it sounds good, you'll hear it
if it's marketed right,
you'll buy it,
if it's real,
you'll feel it

-Kid Rock, 2001


Clare, Coach
For the first time, I understood my current needs and where I was being needy of others. You helped me let go of many of those needs, which has given me a greater sense of self-worth and acceptance.

Anonymous, Chicago, IL
has kept me focused on me. Our work together has allowed me to investigate and explore more deeply the blocks, as well as the flows of my life. Simone is able to listen and relate to my experiences and provide feedback and support that helps me to create the changes necessary to clearly identify and pursue my life's goals.

I am
beginning to recognize the thoughts and behaviors that keep my creative passions, skills and desires stagnate, where they come from and how to change them. Overall, I feel more focused, inspired and free. [She is] able to connect-the-dots from my past to the present to the future by being incredibly insightful, intelligent, understanding, wise and action-focused.

Jackie Adams, web designer, www.jackieadams.net
My experience was very positive working with you. I'm looking forward to the [upcoming] class and other classes in the future. It is great knowing you, too, and you've helped me to implement many changes in my life. I look forward to continued work with you.

Simone is insightful and can help you see things differently and improve your life.

Laurae, Decorative Artist
Coaching gave me the motivation and confidence to start my own
business. I learned that it can be achieved by positive thoughts and
good organization.

It has given me the process to organize my thoughts, so I can begin achieving my goals.

amp, coach
Simone, ... what a marvelous job you did of helping people see both what coaching can do and who you are as a coaching being! I am truly impressed.

I have more energy. I feel like the fog has lifted.

for the [session]. It was AMAZING. You are amazing.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me with "A life that I Love". In the last three months, I feel that I have been able to speak my truth clearly and with integrity. At times, this has been a challenge, especially regarding my relationships. I feel that I can communicate with my family in a way that I have never done. I can look at my family with the eyes of love and see their trials and tribulations. I can say all aspects of my life are improving. My finances are getting right. I've had more dates this year than I have in any previous years!!!! I am starting in a new business and taking care of my own business. I can't thank you enough for your support, wisdom and clarity. YOU ROCK!!! peace, smk

Tracy Laverty, coach
Simone coached me to improve my written communication with my clients in a way that literally transformed the way the communication read. She gently, but directly helped me to make the documents clear, concise and professional. Thank you Simone for your coaching and your unique ability to create extraordinary documents!

Dan DeCoursey
When I first met Simone I was younger, less confident and more confused. I started to realize that all of this had its origin: I wasn't aware. By aware, I mean I wasn't listening to myself, and I wasn't fully experiencing and understanding what was around me. I started to recognize a voice within me that had been trying to guide me for years, I started to listen to it, and I started to process all of the information in my environment on a much deeper level. I finally started to get "unstuck," like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Many of these changes were due to what Simone taught me. She taught me to listen to my heart.

Workshop Participants "Let Your Vision Be Your Guide"
1. I got a clear idea of what my passions are and a picture of how I might want my life to be.

2. This was an opportunity to see that I am truly growing--A fine discussion--a great addition to what I have already learned form other resources. I now feel less fear and more excitement about the future I am creating about my present, creative moment. I feel less isolated on my path.

3. I'm glad I came. I knew I wouldn't solve all my problems, but you offered some creative strategies abut how to approach this topic. Thank you.

Simone, you are so warm and wonderful, and I think your kindness really shines through. I felt safe in this group. Good luck!

4. This assisted me in becoming clear about how a mission and vision statement will help me live a life I love!

Teleclass Participants "40-Day Prosperity Program"
1. Simone and the 40-Day Prosperity Program teleclass helped me understand that the idea of prosperity is much more complex that just having the money in pocket. I learned that being a "prosperous person" is related to sense of self, to personal history, and an awareness of gratitude and joy in all elements of life. Prosperity, is in part, being good to ourselves and those around us.

2. I think the most meaningful thing I will be taking from this class is a combination of an awareness of the place of gratitude in life, and openness to the idea of my being in the right frame to accept and be prosperous. Also, a recognition that habits do not change overnight, but having the awareness can make the change possible - in some ways it almost makes it inevitable.

Workshop Participants "Reveal A Life U Love"
1. I got that my dreams are as real as walking on the moon, which once thought impossible has now been done!

2. The tools have already propelled my thinking and view...Learning to give what I can to people who are ready/interested in getting it.

3. I would recommend this to my freinds because it developed a lot in what you really need to thing about your life.

4. It was positively inspiring!

5. It should be longer! It gave me ideas for life. VERY positive!

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