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Where do you start? Well, what are your objectives?

Answer the question: Are
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Simone Peer, MA, PCC, PMC
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Simone Peer, MA, CUCG, PCC, PMC
Certified Professional Coach, Mentor
& Trainer
+1.773.384.LOVE(5683)       E: freedom @ alifeulove.com

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I want to have A Life I Love. How do I get started?

Well, you can call me at +1.773.384.LOVE(5683), you can email me at:
freedom @ alifeulove.com (copy, paste & eliminate spaces), or you can submit your info on this page, and I will follow up with a phone call or an email to get you started.

Now that is a pretty easy first step to take toward getting a life you love!

I also invite questions or comments regarding what you would like to see or know more about. You know how to reach me ;-)

Remember: Time passes whether you take action or not; so think big and ACT BIGGER.

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Simone Peer, MA, CUCG, PCC, PMC
Certified Professional Coach, Mentor
& Trainer
+1.773.384.LOVE(5683)       E: freedom @ alifeulove.com

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Coaching — from fear to freedom
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