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Coaching the Essence: ICF Certification Mentor Coaching Group Practicum

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Learn the benefits of working with
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Where do you start? Well, what are your objectives?

Answer the question: Are
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How to select:
the perfect coach
for you

She has an ocean in her
eyes...in her mind...
plays an unknown song;
she is the only one to hear.
Who is singing is not the
but who will share a swim?

-Jean-Baptiste Escudie,2001


Hiring a coach is a courageous step. If you are ready to make exciting changes in your life, these tips will make it easier for you to choose the perfect coach.

1.  Educate yourself about coaching.
Learn more about the benefits of working with a coach and the skills and techniques that make coaching work. Read testimonials on client success and coaching.

2.  Learn how to choose the right coach for you.
Ask key questions in an interview, so you can learn about the coaches experience, qualifications, and skills. Then assess what these answers mean to you.

3.  Know your objectives for working with a coach.
Take time to identify three objectives or goals you would like to achieve through coaching.

4.  Find out the coach's ideal client profile.
See if you match my profile.

5.  Know that coaching is an important relationship.
There should be a connection between you and the coach that "feels" right. Make sure the coach offers what you are looking for in terms of style and niche.

Coaching — from fear to freedom
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