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Thinking lately:

the abyss--part II

Wow! I jumped head-first, full-on into the abyss, and I landed smack-dab, softly, gently into the hand of God/Spirit/the Creator.

The scariest part was when I realized that my greatest fear was that God would abandon me. I thought if I got to this place where I needed to jump that I must not have been taking well enough care of myself. I already knew that there was care lacking in my upbringing, so if now I couldn't do it well enough, how could? or why would God?

Well, this is where I land softly. What I have learned is that it is not an all or nothing situation of care. I feel like all the talk about postive affirmations and "let go, let God" talk is never qualified with how this really works. I am a being with free will and deep spiritual beliefs, so my role is to live in good character and discuss my plans with God. When I choose a path, I ask God/Spirit for guidance and correction on my path, so that I will live to express my highest good. In this way it is not me being in total control of something that is beyond my capabilities while I am also not not doing anything, waiting for God to do for me.

Now, I plan, I ask, I listen, and I accept help and guidance on my journey. In this way of being I am blessed by the grace, abundance, and love of God, the Universe, and my highest Spirit.

And so it is.

Now, tell me what you think.


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