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Thinking lately:

breaking soil...

Once upon a time, there was a flower bulb that sat in a pot of dirt--cold and dark. This pot was placed on the back porch for the winter; supposedly, this is to support the hibernation phase, but I think it has more to do with neglect and making excuses that because it probably won't bloom anyway who cares where it sleeps in the winter.

Seasons passed and the bulb stayed buried in the pot on the porch, until one day it found that it hurt so much that it could not stand living like this any longer. It pushed against its outer shell, struggling to shimmy out of this covering. Because the layers of dirt were so deep and compact, it was hard to notice any changes or advancements toward freedom. It thought it might die under all the pressure--the layers that kept it snug and safe for so long and yet, so confined that suffication was inevitable.

One day, the flower bulb prayed for help and it found that this was the only way to grow. It listened to its inner voice that said be calm, wait for the dirt to shift, move this way, wait for the dirt to shift, move that way, until finally one day the shell broke and the inner seed experienced its first taste of freedom. Only to realize that it was impossible to know which way was up.

Again the voice said follow your intuition; you can feel the pull of gravity and that will show you the way to grow. The seedling started to grow longer and taller and push up toward the sky. And one day it broke soil.

Now the seedling drinks of the sun and morning dew, bends in the wind because it can not think it could control it, and accepts that it is no longer a seed, but a beautiful sprout that was once trapped by the confines of neglect and fear.

This sprout knows what it feels like to struggle and wait for death, and now it knows that it has a greater purpose--to grow as tall and beautiful as is possible, to gently sway in the breeze, to spread joy and smiles to those who pass by and admire its beauty and strength, and to know that pain is part of the process, and no good thing can grow without it.

Look around and notice all of the flowers that have escaped from the garden today. Smile back because you know how hard they struggled to express their truth and accept that you can express yours, too.

Now, tell me what you think.


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