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Thinking lately:

an aloe blooms in winter...

I have windows in every room of my third-story, apartment; this means I get lots of sunlight. I love the sun and cherish the streams of light as they bathe my home. So much, so that I have minimal window treatments in order to always have access to light.

Why am I bringing this up? Because of this light I have learned a great lesson of abundance. Keep going...Well, I have lots of plants in my southern windows, which are the office, dining and living rooms. I spend lots of time in these rooms and am often amazed at how desert plants can thrive in a Chicago winter. My building is nearly a century old, so it is not the most heat efficient in terms of drafty, plaster walls, yet the cactus has a score of new shoots and the aloe babies have overtaken their terra-cotta nests. The Christmas cactus has flowered for a third time and there is a 3-foot (I measured!) flower stalk blooming from one of the aloe plants. I could go on and on, because everyday I am fascinated at the greatness of these beautiful plants.

It finally dawned on me that they are my reflection, designed by me--my thoughts and beliefs. I spend time expressing gratitude for the goodness in life and blessing the abundance that is available to all, and I now see it in all things. The enormity of Chicago is a shining example of abundance and goodness. This is not to say that there is not poverty and crime, but I now know that for me, it is the way that I choose to look at what life offers that decides what I invite into my experience. The bountiful garden that fills my winter, urban dwelling serves to remind me that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

It snowed this weekend, some reports said up to 12 inches. As I peer out my window into the brilliant snowfall and watch the barren tree outside of my window pull on its sweater of winter white, I know I am blessed to live in world where abundance comes in the most beautiful ways.

Now, tell me what you think.

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