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Thinking lately:

the changing leaves of autumn...

I love autumn. Living in Chicago affords one the luxury of seasons. Changing leaves, colder temperatures, and excitement in the air are a given this time of year. In light of the seasonal changes, I started thinking about my life and people; we are so malleable, yet often resistant to change for fear of what it will bring.

So what if we change, so what if we don't. Who really cares? Well, I for one care.

I don't want to be the same for ever. I very often don't want to be the same tomorrow.

When I live in the present then every moment is subject to change, but not randomly or as a haphazard result of things beyond my control. When I am present, I am an active participant, and I choose to change. I choose what will become a part of my experience, and I decide how I will respond and integrate this new piece of information into who I am.

When I live in the present, I do not know regrets of the past, nor do I know fear of what might happen in the future. When I live in the present, I live in truth. I do not betray my destiny by presupposing I am geater than my God, or that I can create a plan that will prevent the fearful expectations from becoming reality.

Sure "bad" things might happen in my life, but I can not live in fear of them, I can only respond in the moment; I can only be present to the experience as it occurs. When I respond, I am present, I am only participating in what must happen now. This is not without thought about the results or ramifications of my actions because I am responsible for what I contribute in the world, but if I choose from my truth, then I know I am being my best at any moment in time and the consequences of my actions are part of my destiny, which has already been planned for me.

So, bottomline is that I have nothing to fear.

Now, tell me what you think.


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