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Thinking lately:

there are times that I think I am...

...the only one to have a particular experience or revelation, only to find that other people are just as experienced or informed as I am. Or that I have to do "it" first, so I can offer some service or guidance to someone just about to experience it. I used to think this only pertained to the bad stuff or the drama in life, but I am starting to realize, recognize, and look for the examples of good things to predominate my dramatic adventures.

I have been thinking a lot about the beliefs that each one of us lives by. Whenever some guru or self-help book says to think positively and believe in ourselves, there is never any acknowledgment that we currently live what we believe. So, what? Well, I am putting some of the pieces together and realize that first I must discover and release the current belief before I can accept a new one. I am always living my truth, whether it serves me well or not, so when I am threatened with the idea that it is wrong, I protect it and myself from anything that might disrupt or prove otherwise.

What I have realized is that I spend a lot of time and energy protecting lies--other peoples lies.

Let me give you some examples of how this looks in my life: when I am looking for a parking space, (and for those of you who know what parking is like in Chicago, this will seem BIG!) I KNOW that I will find one very near where I want or need to be. This space will be free to cheap and allow me enough time to get where I need to be on time (as long as I am on time ;-). This is something I know, so when there is someone in the car with me, I have to counter their belief that there is never any decent parking and insist that the Parking Fairy always takes care of me. Voila, we get "rock star" parking.

When I address other beliefs that I want to direct my life, such as: I am good enough to do this, I deserve to have a good relationship, or I am worth a lot of money, it is not always so easy. The beliefs that counter these thoughts are bred in the world in such an insidious way that we think it is truth. We are taught to think about how others might look at us or think about us and start to live for the approva of the omnipotent "they." I no longer care what "they" think; I live my life for me, and I am much happier for it.

With the help of coaching, I started to address the hidden beliefs that were saying I couldn't do and be who I wanted, and I realized that I was living my truth; my truth was formed by my beliefs that were contrary to the positive affirmations that I was telling myself.

I accept that when I KNOW something to be my truth, like the "rock-star" parking, it is my truth, and that is how I experience life. So it is up to me to know what my beliefs are really saying and decide if that is the kind of life I want to lead. As I seek to know myself in the truth I want to be mine, I encourage you to see what you really believe about yourself.

Is there enough for you? Always!

Will the good times end? Never!

Can I do it? If you try, and try again!

Find your belief, find your lie, and reframe your truth to be who you want to be--who you KNOW you can be. Let me know what works for you, so I can share it with others who are seeking, just as you and I are.

Now, tell me what you think.


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