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Dear Simone:
February 2003  

a lesson in asking and receiving...

This is a letter I sent my circle of friends and influence because they inspired me to ask and to receive. Thank you all for this precious gift.

It's been a while since I've been in touch, so here's an update. I
was sick, sick some more, and then still sick! But, I am delighted to
report that I am much better.

Being in a physically challenging position made me oh so aware of the
many people in my life. Do you know the African Proverb "It takes a
village to raise a child."? Well, we are all someone's child, and I
learned that I needed my village to help me through those rough days
of not getting better.

During that time, I moved and found that because that is something I
could not do alone, I had to ask for help. I have learned to ask; it
is still not always easy because I don't always see that others would
benefit from helping, but I am getting much better and more
comfortable including others in my life in such a meaningful way.

The real learning, though, came when my movers said, "You're Welcome!" This was a lesson in receiving. I had to receive what they had given me. And because this was a huge feat I could not have done on my own, I was able to accept the magnitude of this gift and the magnificence
of receiving. WOW! What a wonderful feeling.

This opened the door for my physical recovery. After moving, my
sickness, which I thought was going away, came back with a vengeance
and I spent the next 6 weeks getting worse until another opportunity
came to receive. I was at the end of my rope; I could not stand it
another day, and that is when I SAW the help that was available to me.
I asked and RECEIVED--spiritual healing, herbal remedies, physical,
mental and emotional support, and love.

I am feeling so much better and know that it is just a matter of time
before my physical catches up with the rest of me (thank you one of my
special clients for that phrase!).

So, this brings me to a place where I would like to ask something of
you. I am growing myself, expanding my practice, and moving to be
fully on my path of expressing my potential, and I need your help. I
want the world to know about the benefits of coaching and specifically
coaching with me!

Would you spread the word of my good work? You can do this by telling
friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, etc. of the benefits of
coaching and the special work that I do. You can post a testimonial
on email lists that you belong to, such as Company of Friends,
ChicWIT, or the like. You can purchase gift certificates and give
them away as Thank You, Birthday, or I Love You gifts. You can do
whatever you can or think would honor who you are as a result of being
in relationship with me. Heck, you can even sign up to be a

If you need some assistance in how to talk about it, you can refer
to my web site or take a moment, close your eyes and remember some moment in time that we shared in which you felt really good about being you--that's what you can share with others.

I have asked, and without attachment, or strings, I am open to
receive. I thank each one of you for you have gifted me already by
coming into my life and sharing yourself with me. Moreover, I want to
thank you for making me feel that I can even ask this of you.

With much love and many blessings,


Check back next month; I've got lots more on my mind!


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