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Coaching the Essence: ICF Certification Mentor Coaching Group Practicum

Table of Contents:

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Learn the benefits of working with
a coach

Where do you start? Well, what are your objectives?

Answer the question: Are
you coachable?

Which services work best for

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What else am I up to?
Evolutionary Adventures



Simone Peer, MA, PCC, PMC
Global Mobile
Office-base: Chicago, IL
freedom @ alifeulove.com


Links to:
my favorite resources

are the sum total
of whom
you surround yourself by.



These are some of the organizations and people to which I refer, plus more. Please enjoy learning more about them; you will then know more about me.

coaching organizations
fabulous other types of organizations
people I know and love
people I don't know, yet admire

Coaching Organizations

"We train the best coaches in the world."
(of which I am one of their trainers!)
Learn more about CoachU, Corporate CoachU, and the coaching profession.

Coachville, Inc.
"Everyone's a coach!"
The single, most comprehensive site for anyone who believes in coaching.

International Coach Federation
"The professional association, worldwide, of personal and business coaches."
set professional standards and ethics, accredit training programs, and award the desigantions of certified professional or master coach.

evolutionary courses
"The Evolutionary Network" (and of which I am one of their trainers, too!)
is a global community of visionary stewards and leaders who are co-creating a whole new world. We're up to a bigger game, an evolutionary dance, in which we:

* source the evolution of being, coaching, leadership and Life
* empower transformative leadership for the world and
* create enchanted, abundant living for all.

the evolutionary institute
"for a new today"
Born out of a passion for helping individuals, businesses and whole communities to realise their hugely un-tapped potential. Inspired by a vision where every human being stands in their leadership and lives as the fullest expression of themselves—Advanced Coach Training, Advanced Leadership Development and Global Learning Academy.

Fabulous Other Types of Organizations

"The Discovery of Sexual-Spiritual Connection"

TantraNova teaches people new love and relationship skills that ignite passion and sellf-expression in their lives and intimate relationships.

Network of Women Entrepreneurs
"Fostering Growth in Women's Business and in their Lives."

NWE is an organization that encourages community among women. The network promotes the exchange of business within the group. In their programs, they educate, facilitate and support women's growth in all aspects of their lives.

"Network your way to success."

Business and networking resources for Chicagoland Professionals.

ArtWorld Chicago
"The largest artist community web site in the mid-west"

Welcome to Art World Chicago. Exhibiting the work of over 180 local artists, we serve as an online gallery for Chicago.


More to come

People I Know and Love
Baba Ishangi
He was a gift from spirit. He was my dear teacher of spirituality and truth, as can only be defined by how we express our divinity.

Thomas Leonard
In my opinion, he was the father of coaching and a creative genius.

Rinatta Paries
My mentor. She taught me how to live in compassion and truth.

Dave Buck
The most enthusiastic coach I know. He gets it and I like that.

Zoran Todorovich

Another of my great teachers. A master of wisdom and light.

Center for Creative Living
The Reverand Joette Waters embodies spirit. She is joy.

Brian Bartes
My coaching angel. Unwavering belief and never-ending support.

People I Don't Know, Yet Admire

don Miguel Ruiz
The Four Agreements changed my life. They are as strengthening as they are simple.

Suze Orman
Proof that abundance is a belief, limited only by thoughts.

She is a shining example of "Make the most of your life."


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