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Simone Peer, MA, PCC, PMC
Global Mobile
Office-base: Chicago, IL
freedom @ alifeulove.com



Who is:


Simone Peer
Simone Peer, pcc

mission   vision   purpose   style   history   associates

A Life U Love Coaching Services exists to:

inspire and cultivate power, grace and fun-n-easy in people who want to have a life they love.

A world where people:

are able to bring their Power to Life -- both to life and to life!  Ultimately, maximizing the potential of our individual and collective contributions, which means that we evolve forever after the way people Be & Do Life. Imagine everyone being in their True Power engaging with grace and ease every person, place, thing, idea as Potentials, not problems, where they easily use and express their natural gifts strengths and talents, as a way of life, which leaves them free to live life, love, business, pleasure the Fun-n-Easy way.

I must walk my talk:

always, so my purpose is to presence and express my power and potential in all ways—thoughts, beliefs, action, behaviors, words, and feelings, so that everything I think, say, Be & Do is an expression of who I truly am, so the ones for whom I have come to wake up into Fun-n-Easy know it is possible for them, too.

I am wise, youthful, serious, light, excited, intuitive, neutral, demanding, supportive, respectful, and I always see & believe in your mega-self, even when you can not.

I am also Fun! Fun! Fun! I love to have fun.                                                                       top

Education and experience:
I've spent my life learning, teaching, and assisting others to express their
highest good. I saw my life's vision 22 years ago and spent the time between then and now helping people/clients create a life they love, which is to say that the moment I found coaching I knew I had been preparing to be who I am now—a professional coach and trainer.

A forever student of life, I have self-studied in the areas of spirit,
culture, language, and self-development and have formally studied
for and received a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College (Chicago) and a Master of Arts from DePaul University.

And for the purpose of becoming a masterful coach, I am a Certified Coach Graduate of Coach University, a Professional Certified Coach by the ICF, a Certified Evolutionary Coach by The Evolutionary Institute, a Certified Evolutionary Trainers Trainer by The Evolutioanry Network, and have taken many extracurricular classes and programs offered by Coachville, Teleclass.com, the International Coach Federation, Religious Science International-(towards a practitioners license) and TantraNova Institute-(Level I Certification).

Additionally, I am a raw food enthusiast and completed training under Chef Mehmet Ak of Cousins Incredible Vitality to become a Certified Associate Raw Chef.

Also, I am a faculty member for Coach U's Certified Coach Training Program and an Advanced Coach Training Leader for The Evolutionary Network .

In 2001, I founded A Life U Love Coaching Services, and co-founded Evolutionary Adventures in 2006 with my amazing friend and colleague, Adela Rubio. While I was co-leading a corporate leadership group near London a few years back, I realized that I am a genetic entrpreneur, in that nearly everyone in my family tree--vertically and laterally--is an entrepreneur. I've nearly always worked for myself or as an independent contractor and really can't imagine myself doing business any other way, and once I got it's in my blood and gene pool, I knew that I cultivated a courage that could be shared with others looking to take the leap.

In addition, I have also partnered with London-based, Full Potential Group, one of Europe’s longest-established and most highly regarded specialist coaching companies, to provide Evolutionary Leadership Training for Senior Level Clients and for FPG coaching team, as well as one-to-one coaching services for Senior Level clients. I am also on the coaching team of Nightingale-Conant: Personal, Professional, Business, and Sales Training Transformationalists for nearly 50 years.

Beyond professional development, I take Tango, Belly Dance and art classes, I practice resistance strength and stretching and yoga (sometimes) and used to speak Spanish fairly well! I live a fairly "green" lifestyle--recycle, energy conservation, eat organic and endeavor to be a nice person always.

I belong to a number of coaching organizations and used to volunteer for and serve on the board of three, Chicago-based organizations (Youth Struggling 4 Survival, Center for Creative Living, and Network of Women Entrepreneurs), but now it's just one (NWE- Currently serving as: Past President), and I actively grow my Spirit every day. I am always looking for new teachers and look forward to what I can learn from you.

Oh yeah, work history: I was a theatrical costume designer, an English as a second language instructor, a science & critical-thinking-skills teacher, a career/college counselor, the manager/principal of an alternative high school and the director of an arts
-based continuing ed program for adults.

ALULCS Associates                                                                                                      top
Support Staff:
A Life U Love Coaching Services and I would not function as fun-n-easy as it does without the amazing support team. Meet it's members:

Sarah Nesbit - Executive Assistant and Artist. Sarah currently lives in Berlin, Germany, which was a huge of leap of faith and courage into her dream -- to live and paint in such a vibrant city that is known as a worldwide art & culutre capital.

Sonja Mullings - Bookkeeping and Finances. Sonja, also an artist, lives in Chicago and has a knack for numbers.

Laurie Polinski (aka Gracie) - Creative Director and Production Assistant. Laurie heads her own company, Virtually Assisting You, Ltd. while "Gracie" partners with power, presence and me to bring my ideas to life.

And no longer with me, but too valuable not to include:
Tomoko Kawanka - Entrepreneur, Artist, and Right Hand! TK, my original Executive Assistant, laid the foundation for all of the others to step in and up to supporting me and you. She has moved on to make her next dream come true, and I can't wait to see it come to life!

Coaching Associate & Partners:
I partner with one or a group of coaches to do fantastic courses, programs, workshops, teleclasses, or the like. If you've got something fantastic going on that complements what I like to do, feel free to contact me, so we can explore the right of us doing something together.



Simone Peer, MA, CUCG, PCC, PMC
Certified Professional Coach, Mentor
& Trainer
+1.773.384.LOVE(5683)       E: freedom @ alifeulove.com

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